The art of carrying - BACKWEAR™

BACKWEAR™ is dedicated to facilitate carrying your daily things comfortably - and in style. We believe finding a truely fitting backpack is an art, which is why our mission is to help you choose.

Ever since mankind started to trade and travel all over the globe, he searched for and experimented with ways to make carrying stuff easy. This is what led to the backpack as we know it today.

BACKWEAR™ closely follows the trends in the backpack industry. We share our findings through our always-evolving collections. We've put together several high-grade, modern and stylish backpacks for professional usage in Backwear Pro. For regular daily usage, we've selected the most trendy and stylish backpacks in Backwear Study. For special activities and for your days off, we made sure to offer you some great options, featured in Backwear Leisure.

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Check out our stylish Lemon Kitten - Retro 'Velvet' Backpack
4 colours available - from $34,95 now for $29,95

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