3 Backpack health tips by BACKWEAR™


The spine is made up of 33 delicate bones, which can be unnaturally compressed if a backpack is too heavy or worn incorrectly. The good backpack can help prevent issues that may remain after the backpack is taken off.

Here are 3 important tips for choosing and carrying a backpack in a healthy way.

  1.  Less is more: the smaller the backpack, the less you will put into it. This means that the backpack will never be overloaded or too heavy.
  2. Clean out your backpack every evening, and repack it the next day. This will promote a light backpack with only the necessary content.
  3. For heavier loads, choose a real backpack with two straps that better distributes the weight. Messenger bags, purses and satchels force the weight on one shoulder. This unbalanced and unnatural distribution of weight can be detrimental to their backs and posture.

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