Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: ‘How long does shipping usually take?’ 

Depending on which type of shipping you choose, the estimated delivery time varies between about 7 and about 31 days. Delivery in the United States normally takes about 25 days. With the tracking number provided to you, you can follow the location of your order.

Q2: ‘When do I get my tracking number?’

Your tracking number is provided directly after complete processing of your finalised orde, which usually can take up to 3 working days. The tracking code will be provided through the means of communication chosen by you.

Q3: ‘How can I pay BACKWEAR™?’

We accept most common international payment options such as payment by most credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and Pay-Pal.

BACKWEAR™ guarantees that your payment information is safe with us: we do nt sell nor share it. All our transactions are encrypted in 128bit security (very tough stuff) for maximal privacy and security.

Q4: 'How can I request a refund?'

Read all about Returns and Refunds on our Refund Page.