Ordering, Shipping & Tracking

On this page, you will find all the information you might need about your order. We will explain how BACKWEAR™ fullfils incomming orders and how we ship them.


Valid ordering is done only by means of our on-line shop facility. BACKWEAR™ processes incoming orders as soon as payment has come in. Depending on your choice of payment and its speed of processing, it may take up to 12 hours for us to confirm your order in our systems and start the fullfilment.

Since our products are produced and/or stored at different trusted, quality-controlled parties around the world such as East Asia, orders with multiple products may arrive in multiple shipments.

After receiving your order and confirming the payment, the products you ordered wil be packed securely and labelled for the journey. As soon as possible the postal service picks up all ordered packets and relays them to interim and final destinations.

As we intend to prevent mistakes as much as possible, the complete processing time may add up to 4 working days.


BACKWEAR™ makes use of the 'ship on demand' principle. This means that most of our products are stored in storage facilities near the factories where they were produced. They will only be sent after ordering. Because of this principle, our products take some time to arrive.

If you choose the Free Delivery option which is standard in out shop, depending on the products you chose and where you live in the world, shipping may take anywhere from 14 to 31 business days. Faster delivery is possible but this will usually cost a lot. Contact us for further information.

Countries and places with a direct connection to international parcel services will receive orders quicker than those who live elsewhere. If your order takes longer than expected, please double check the tracking information through the link provided. If you're still left with questions, please contact us here.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive your order within the expected delivery timeframe, please contact us immediately and no later than 7 working days after the expected arival date.


As soon as a package has been accepted by the postal service, the Tracking Number becomes available and we will relay it to you. Once you received this tracking code, you can track the location of your package independently.

Non-shipment regions

Because of certain political and economic conditions we regret not to be able to ship to the Russian Federation, Serbia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Colombia, Lebanon, Syria and Kuwait. If in our opinion necessary, we will also decline without further explanation orders from other countries or parts thereof.

Custom and Import Fees

Some countries may be subject to additional custom and import fees.Please check with your local Gouvernment what the laws for custom fees are.

BACKWEAR™ does NOT cover any fees. However, it is good practise that our suppliers use shipping labels, package dimensions and value indications that decrease the risk of having to pay custom fees.